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2022 Conference Chair

Mitch has been a part of GSM since the beginning, as a volunteer and a delegate.  In the past couple of years, he’s turned his marketing background into executing some pretty successful raffles leading up to the 2019 Conference.


In June of 2021, Mitch was elected as the 2022 Conference Chair. He excited to attend GSM Rock and Roll at full-capacity.  He is also looking forward to a leather and kink presence at the Conference this year – a first!


Mitch has been sober since June 2016 and lives in New York City.  His service work includes coordinating 12 Step meetings at CLAW, serving as Secretary for Delta Brotherhood International, and acting as an AA sponsor.



2022 Conference Co-Chair

Mario is an alumni of GSM since it's origin on Facebook in 2009 &  has been involved as the Volunteer coordinator since 2018. The conference has been inspirational to him on many levels, notably the growth in his own connection & commitment to a sober life & the joy and fulfillment that can bring. As conference Co-Chair, Mario hopes that all attendees not only enjoy all the events that the conference offers, but that they also find connections that build their sobriety. GSM is a welcoming community of sober men & brothers - may you all find it to be that & much more at this year's conference!



Production Chair

Ben’s been sober since 2020. In 2021 he ran his first triathlon, conquered a “Tough Mudder” and attended his first GSM Conference. He credits activities like these for keeping him connected in the fellowship and can’t wait for GSM ‘22.  He admits he can turn even the easiest tasks into “quite a production”, but he is working on that. Still, he was a natural fit to join the GSM production committee. Outside of GSM he lives in MN with his husband, their three kids and two dogs



Greeting & Security Chair

Christopher lives in Monroe, New Jersey. He's served as Greeting &  Security Co-Chair and Delegate since 2018. He's been sober since July 30th, 2017 and is an active member of the fellowship. He sponsors people and holds service commitments inside and outside of the rooms. In his personal life, his new found love in sobriety is fitness and spends about five hours a week in the gym. In the summer, he loves spending time at the Jersey Shore and enjoys outdoor adventures including skiing, hiking, and roller skating. 



Program Chair

For over a year, Dick has been working hard to curate just the right workshop and speaker program for GSM Rock n Roll, and his efforts are certainly going to pay off for our participants in 2022. 



Program Co-Chair

Drew lives in San Francisco. He's originally from Kentucky. Clean and sober since 1993, he works in mental health and addiction. He loves traveling, learning new languages, taking hikes with his dog, and spending time with his sober family. He says "I love GSM because I'm connected to a whole lot of new gay men in recovery". 



Information Technologies

Gary is from Austin, TX and has been a part of GSM since it's inception. He's served in various roles over the years and now maintains our registration platform and provides information to support the committee. He has been sober since 2004 and is incredibly grateful for the life he has been given. Participating in conferences has always been a staple of his recovery and GSM is a huge part of that. 



Greeting & Security


Originally from San Francisco, California, Jon lives in New Jersey. He's been sober since January of 2009. Jon enjoys running, reading, participating in charity races, traveling, and playing video games with his buddies. He has a passion for HIV, LGBT, and public health. He loves GSM because they have included me as part of the tribe since I arrived in New Jersey. He's have made numerous friends and amazing memories through GSM.



Raffle Chair

Kyle lives in Trenton, Ohio and has been sober since 2017. He's currently studying to become a substance abuse counselor. After attending his first GSM in 2021, he immediately wanted to get involved. He was first a Delegate and then came on board as the Raffle Chair. He says "I'm grateful to be able to serve in this capacity and look forward to meeting all of you'. 



Executive Secretary

Community Relations

Landon lives in Knoxville, TN with his husband, Yong. They have attended every GSM. In 2018, Landon served as a Delegate, in 2019 as Program Chair, and he Chaired the 2021 Conference. Landon has been sober for 14 years, and his home group is Sober Pride. With a small but close-knit LGBTQ recovery community in his city, Landon loves the warm, inclusive fellowship of the GSM Conference. 

Smiling Businesswoman


Chief Financial Officer

Lisa lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She specializes in bookkeeping and accounting for nonprofits. Though not in recovery herself, she is a special ally of the community. 



Fundraising Co-Chair

Logan has been in New York for 16 years and got sober in 2020.

Getting sober on Zoom, Logan felt the need to really dive into service, thus began his work with Gay & Sober.

This is Logan's first GSM Conference, and he cannot wait to have the life changing experience and meet other sober men from all over the world.

IMG_9985 2.jpg


Fundraising Chair

Mark is from New Jersey.

He's been sober since July of 2020. Mark finally attended the GSM conference in 2021 and fell in love with the entire concept. He felt like he finally found a network he felt comfortable connecting with in his recovery. Providing service to GSM was naturally something he felt he wanted to do. He believes that lives can be positively impacted by GSM’s mission.


He works in operations, and enjoys traveling and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 



Delegate Chair

Matthew lives in Minneapolis. He's been helping GSM since his first conference in 2021. He has onboards every new volunteer to the organization. He runs all communication from the committee to the many delegates around the world. We love the enthusiasm he brings to the team.



Speaker Coordinator

Matthew lives in Raleigh, NC and has been sober since 2009. After living in NYC in active addiction, it’s been a blessing to return to the GSM conference each year among a group of amazing, sober men.



Registration Chair

If you have registered for GSM or asked any question about the conference, chances are, you have been assisted by Robbie, our amazing and dedicated Registration Chair. He has been working feverishly to confirm all our registrants, and we couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. 

Robbie lives in New York with his husband, where he works as an award-winning representative for Scentsy and attends nursing school. We have no idea how he finds time for all the effort he puts into making GSM a success, but we are so glad he does. 



Social Activities Chair

I attended my first GSM in 2021 and experienced what it was like to be gay and sober with like-minded men! The friendships I developed are among the closest friends I have today. 

I'm extremely excited to join the GSM team and be of service! My goal as Social Activities chair is to assist, encourage and motivate others to take advantage of all that GSM offers! 

I currently reside in Johnson City Tennessee and I call this place home! 



Meeting Directory Chair

Tim joined us as a participant at his first GSM Conference in 2021. Since then, he has taken charge of updating our meeting directory. It's proven to be a big task as meetings have reopened or shifted to hybrid. Everyone who uses the directory to find a meeting is grateful for his service. 

He lives in Seattle and has been sober since the summer of 2019. He enjoys baking, boxing, fitness, and video games. 

tj -bear on ferry_edited.jpg


Production Team

T.J. is a 6 year veteran of GSM. Starting out as a participant, then delegate and now one of the Production Committee Co-chairs. He hails from Seattle, WA/ Vancouver B.C., but a true hometown bear from NYC. Sobriety date 1/19/85 and is very comfortable with service work to continue his quality sobriety. Active in his fellowship in Seattle by attending meetings, sponsoring folks, holding service positions in his homegroup, and current treasurer of his AA District 40 in WA State.

Please say hi when you see him at GSM2022-Rock n' Roll… can’t miss this big, brown, bearded bear...Grrrrr!



Volunteer Chair

Todd joins us from St. Louis. He's been sober for over 3 years. He enjoys camping, boating, and amusement parks. He says "I love GSM because after going to the first New York Conference in 2021, there are a lot of friendships that form. And a lot of guys are helpful and supportive of each other. We are like an extended family that are far from everyone but there when help is needed". 



Graphics and Design

Tom is a native of North Dakota and attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He's created typography and brand design for Sony, Rolling Stone, Swatch and Michael Jackson. Tom is one of the most awarded creative directors in the world. His design and typographical work is part of the permanent design collections of Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Smithsonian Institute. The primary reason why GSM has that polished and special look is because of Tom and his artistic talents!   



Housing Chair
Social Activities Co-Chair

Tony lives in Montréal. He discovered GSM in the summer of 2019. He diligently works to make sure people have a place to stay during the conference weekend. Recently, he worked during the Christmas break to ensure that our Scholarship recipients had their needs met. He has a passion for dance and also works as a strategist in digital he brings a lot to our organization.



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